Learn. Develop

Developer Quest is a starter pack
to get you started in the business
of becoming a Developer. An Introductory crash course to step you up into the Business of Development.

Why Participate?

Registration is Free

Intended participant are to register for free. Limited space are available. therefore early registration is advised.

Less Talk. 100% Practical

The program has been designed to give participant a quick learning speed by an open and live demonstration.

What Do I Stand to Gain

All programs has been designed to fit into the market demands using live demonstration. So participant can immediately start making money by building same for their own perspective clients.

NO Certificate

No certificate will be given during this program.

Craig is self a trained google certified developer. One who's journey began by being a professional photographer and Graphic Designer to a symbolic lover of codes, programming and development. Always willing to Learn and share.

"You don't need to know the Road to start driving, just Start driving the Road will lead you; just follow the tracks."


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